Repeater Status

Repeater Update 2/3/2019

Because of some issues with the TX side of the repeater not staying on frequency, I’ve decided to seek a replacement radio. Right now I have ordered a Kenwood TK-8180 from eBay for its cheap cost and for its convenient rear AUX connector for interfacing. Although the radio is only spec’d for 450-512, I’m hoping the 449.625 frequency of the repeater is tolerable for it with minimal if no tuning.

The firmware on the MMDVM modem has been updated to 20190130 in an attempt to help fix some issues. TYT MD-380s were not receiving the repeater (hence the TX issue above) about 50% of the time. It seemed to be related to temperature as the repeater is in an unheated area. My new Motorola XPR4550 received just fine as did my daily driver Anytone AT-D868UV. I typically use the MD380s for testing – I have 2 of them with different DMR ID’s so I can see how things interact. They, so far, are the most picky when it comes to receiving DMR. I would think it would have been the Motorola. I would have been wrong.

I intend to post more updates here as I evolve the repeater. I’ll try and keep the pictures updated. They’re already old because I put the repeater in a custom box that I still need to fully finish. And it’ll change when I replace the radios.


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