I have a couple of Allstar nodes set up for experimentation. One of them I have tied to my DMR repeater on TG49973/Timeslot 2.

Node 49973

This is a strictly “virtual” node with no radio. It can be pointed at any Allstar hub or node and will repeat to the 49973 talkgroup on my repeater. All traffic from Allstar -> DMR will show up from ID 10049973, which is not in the database. This is to avoid confusion on dashboards that do ID lookups. This is also purely an internal bridge – it is not bridging any wider-area DMR networks so it is only possible to show up here.

To make the bridge, I used the official AllstarLink distro installed on a Debian virtual machine. I then used DVSwitch to bridge between the Asterisk/Allstar instance of 49973 to an HBLink3 server I set up. My repeater then allows TG 49973 to be passed from the repeater to the HBLink3 server.

Allstar 49973 <-> Analog_Bridge/DVSwitch <-> HBLink3 (this is where TG49973 originates) <-> Repeater

Allstar Monitor

Node xxxxx (TBD)

I requested an additional node number and will post about that when it is allocated.

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